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Patricia Giles Centre

“It was their commitment to respond quickly to staff queries and to ‘speak plain English’ that made them different.”

Tillie Prowse, Chief Executive Officer.



Patricia Giles Centre


Not-For-Profit Organisation





Centralise IT systems and update to a newer, modern system.


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February 2017


The Client was impressed with their new network setup and its deployment. Overall, a successful project with a satisfied client.

The Patricia Giles Centre is a non-profit organisation committed to providing services to women and children who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence and to men who seek to improve the quality of their family relationships.

Offering safe crisis accommodation and counselling for women and children affected by domestic violence, the Centre also runs a number of support groups and other services.


Following an onsite analysis of the current infrastructure and computer systems used by the Patricia Giles Centre, it became evident that there was a technological gap between what the organisation currently had and what was required for the staff to perform their roles properly and for the organisation to operate efficiently.

The critical gaps were the organisation had no system consolidation with no system cohesion, there was no standard forum or method of internal communication, no central Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, limited backup or redundancy systems, a lack of mobile access and system security and no unified system support.


To overcome the challenge of an outdated system, the Newtrend Project Team worked with the Centre across four stages; Planning the system, Understanding the requirements, Design and documenting the solution and Delivering the digital platform.

The Newtrend Project Team’s scope for the project was to;

  1. Supply, deliver and install a dedicated physical server to host, store and protect company data
  2. Supply, deliver and install a robust backup system with automated offsite replication (disaster recovery plan to match)
  3. Supply, deliver and install a power backup system capable of supporting all infrastructure in the communications rack
  4. Consolidate the splintered files and folders across all PGC sites into a single repository
  5. Install threat management / Firewall devices at each location
  6. Create internal security policy templates
  7. Create PGC active directory domain and user accounts
  8. Overlay a security model in line with the active directory structure
  9. Create security policies and relevant permissions
  10. Migrate user mailboxes to MS Office 365 (NFP E3)
  11. Setup secure links between local infrastructure and the 365 tenant
  12. Setup the foundation of a standardised operating environment (SOE)
  13. Securely connect all sites together (IPSEC VPN) creating a unified company network (WAN) that will allow all staff to seamlessly integrate, collaborate in real-time and work within the same data set.

Additionally, the Team was required to find a suitable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System and deliver the system to the Centre. The scope of this included;

  1. Scope a suitable CRM software solution in collaboration with PGC staff using an in-depth software analysis matrix
  2. Ascertain the most appropriate solution via a shortlist and analysis in a physical test environment
  3. Configure all prerequisites as per vendor specification
  4. Plan the installation, implementation and staff training relating to the new CRM solution
  5. Setup a support structure for the new CRM solution

Finally, the Team were required to complete additional tasks to fully deliver the Project including;

  1. Integrate all network printers across all sites
  2. Create a company-wide wireless network that would also cater for limited and restricted client internet access as well as full access for PGC staff
  3. Create a basic, functional PGC intranet and deploy to all PGC sites
  4. Implement an effective maintenance and support model to maintain and support the system following its initial implementation


During implementation of the project the timeline was altered to suit third party needs however, the Client remained impressed with how the network was setup and deployed to the staff.
Since project completion, the Client has engaged us again regarding other aspects of their technology requirements including web hosting and offsite backups.


“We engaged Newtrend to take over management of our IT services in February 2017. While their costs and understanding of the NFP sector influenced our decision, it was their commitment to respond quickly to staff queries and to ‘speak plain English’ that made them different. Our staff’s varying level of IT literacy did not phase the Newtrend support team. In the face of our many demands they have always been calm, polite and professional. Nicholas Rando’s personal engagement with us has value added to the contract. He is willing to provide advice on matters outside the scope of our contract has been impressive and I am grateful for his obvious commitment to help PGC become the best it can.”

Tillie Prowse, Chief Executive Officer.


If you would like to know how Newtrend IT can help your business to upgrade its IT systems, contact one of our friendly sales team on (08) 9452 6099. We can come to your premises and conduct a free IT audit on your current IT systems and provide our recommendations for improvement.


If you’d like to know more about the Patricia Giles Centre, please visit their website here.

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