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Debugging Managed Services

Debugging Managed Services

If you’ve heard the phrase “Managed Services” but are still a little fuzzy about what that actually entails, well you’re not alone. Type in ‘what are managed services’ into Google and you’ll come across a million definitions of what this service is but that’s not to say you’ll be any clearer on the subject!

Managed Services by definition are quite simple; it is when a Managed Services Provider (an IT Support company) remotely manages a customer’s IT infrastructure and systems, usually proactively and typically under a subscription pricing model. It is essentially outsourcing all of your IT problems to an IT company to manage, monitor and maintain for you.

So why would you need someone else to manage all your IT and not just do it yourself?
Well, that depends on your level of IT skill, technical know-how and your inclination to spend your precious time solving unexpected IT issues. Most people didn’t get into business to spend their days working on IT problems, so the question is more likely – why would you want to manage your IT yourself?

Alright, so you know you don’t want to spend your time solving IT problems – what exactly will the IT company do?
Simple, all your servers and workstations will be monitored constantly for all those nasty bugs and glitches that can catch you unaware. We use the best software around to monitor your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And using this software is a dedicated Managed Services team; real, live human beings that actively manage your systems and notify you of any issues.

Our graphic below shows what Newtrend’s Managed Services clients receive each and every month:


  1. Proactive Monitoring – this is our system monitoring your network 24/7.
  2. Proactive Support – this is our team using the software to monitor your systems.
  3. Remote Support – this is our team providing you support via our Service Desk and also onsite support when you need someone to come to you.
  4. Scheduled Maintenance – we schedule regular maintenance out of hours to prevent and actively repair faults.
  5. Simplified Billing – one simple fixed fee each month depending on your level of agreement and number of users.
  6. Centralised Management – with our onsite data centre and our local team, everything is in one easy, convenient place for you.

And what does it cost for all this support?
It doesn’t cost the earth to be safe and secure but it can cost your business time and money if you’re not. With a Newtrend Managed Services Agreement you can choose the level of agreement that suits you best; from Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Each agreement has the same level of superior customer service with a slight difference in the number of services provided. You’ll still get maintenance and monitoring for each level of agreement but the number of hours you’ll receive for onsite support will be slightly different, the hourly rate for onsite support will differ and other smaller items such as monthly reporting will be different.  

You choose the level you need and we’ll cater it to you.

Is it worth it?
Of course, yes. For one fixed fee each month, you’ll receive total peace of mind that your systems, servers and workstations are secure and being watched 24/7. And then you can get back to what you need to be doing; running your business.  

Call one of our friendly sales team today and they can give you all the details you need (08) 9452 6099.



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