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We can come to your premises for a free IT consultation. If you’re unsure of what IT equipment or infrastructure you need or you are concerned about your current system performance, go here for your Free IT Audit

Our onsite IT Consultation can help you decide what hardware and infrastructure your business needs. IT hardware can be confusing, not to mention costly. Between routers, servers, PC’s, modems and everything in between it can be hard to navigate what your business requires. And even harder if IT systems are quite foreign to you!

We can help you to select the right IT infrastructure to suit your business needs without blowing your budget.


We will come to your premises and conduct a full onsite inspection of your current IT equipment and discuss with you what your requirements are.

Our holistic approach includes:

  • An evaluation of your current infrastructure; considering age, performance, cost and limitations
  • Identify your IT needs
  • Assessing gaps between your current infrastructure and business requirements
  • Supply and installation of the agreed system and solution
  • Discuss the option for ongoing system managed services

We won’t confuse you with IT terminology, but will explain everything in common language to find you the most practical and cost-effective solution for your business.
Newtrend IT. Free IT Consultation


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We don’t just install equipment and leave you to it. If you have one of our Managed Services Agreements, we will give you quarterly recommendations for your ongoing IT systems. We will monitor your equipment and recommend improvements as needed.

We give no obligation advice and we have secured some of the best deals around for equipment, having established long term relationships with our suppliers.


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