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The Top 4 Tech To Look Out For In 2018!

The Top 4 Tech to Look out for in 2018!

Another year winding up means our focus starts turning to 2018 and what tech will be the ‘must-haves’ in the new year. So we’ve compiled our top 4 tech for 2018…

Wearable tech
You’ve probably worn a FitBit or similar at some point, or put it in the pile with your exercise bike and other home gym equipment. But it seems wearable gadgets aren’t going anywhere and are just going to increase in popularity. One of our favourites is the new wearable breathalyser by BACtrack worn on your wrist to track your alcohol intake. Perfect for the next Christmas party perhaps?


Home security tech
From viewing your home security cameras on your phone to controlling locks in your house via your phone, 2018 should be an exciting year for home security technology. One of our favourite products are video doorbells – perfect for avoiding salespeople at your front door or perhaps the in-laws surprise visit? Check out some reviews of video doorbells below:,review-4468.html



Pet tech
Our pets have become a huge part of our lives and so it’s natural that we want to protect them and keep an eye on them. A hugely popular item for many people has been Wi-Fi enabled cameras that let you look in on your pet when you’re not at home or other devices that dispense treats or toys automatically for your favourite fur baby. Keep an eye out for more exciting tech like this one from PetCube:



Toy tech
Gone are the days of the old wooden rocking horse! Tech is becoming increasing prevalent in toys for kids now. The latest are programmable toys that teach children well-needed coding skills whilst they’re having fun. We love this cute little robot M.A.X with customisable programming:


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