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Introducing NewStream – Reliable offsite backup services you can depend on.

All small and medium businesses right through to large corporations have the need for reliable data backup and disaster recovery practices. Unfortunately many small and medium businesses still rely on local (on-site only) backups where occasionally the backup data is manually taken off-site for safe keeping. However too often these self-managed backup processes are extremely vulnerable to human error such as staff forgetting to swap the backup device over each day, plus the overall data recovery processes are rarely tested.

If this sounds a little like your current backup regime then your business is at significant risk!

Thankfully there is a solution. Newtrend has developed NewStream, our fully automated and comprehensive cloud backup and disaster recovery solution that is dependable, secure and also highly affordable. NewStream is a corporate-grade backup service that combines convenient high-speed on-site backups together with secure off-site cloud backup technology so that your valuable business data is safe, secure and importantly accessible only to those you trust.

Our NewStream cloud backup and data recovery services team works closely with you to:

  • Build a Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan customised to your own business needs
  • Make your critical business data resilient through reliable and automated secure backup processes
  • Provide secure “in cloud” storage and management of your data in our own local secure datacentre facility
  • Ensure your entire backup solution is managed and maintained to the highest level possible

Newtrend IT Solutions’ NewStream cloud backup service combines thorough planning with reliable and secure backup technology to ensure your valuable business data is protected and managed by a technology solutions provider you can trust. We’re committed to maximizing your up-time and ensuring your business is protected so that you have complete peace of mind.

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