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Professional Business VoIP Phone Systems

Professional Business Phone Systems that provide feature rich Unified Communications Solutions for companies of all sizes.

Voice communication will always remain one of the very best ways that people communicate with each other, which is why every business needs a reliable and easy to use telephone system to provide their customers and stakeholders with the finest interaction experience possible. But can your phone system save you money and also make your business more efficient? With Internet telephony (VoIP) the answer is a definite yes!

Internet telephony (also known as SIP phones, IP phone systems or simply just VoIP) is a technology that can do so much more for your business than just providing lower call costs. In fact, professional VoIP phone systems provide businesses with several enhanced communication services including voice and video conferencing, call recording, web meeting, phone user presence information and instant messaging whilst at the same time providing advanced integration with other business systems you use every day such as Outlook (email), CRM and accounting packages.

Newtrend are Perth’s VoIP telephony experts, and we can design, supply or host a fully customised professional phone system for your business that includes:

  • Reduced ongoing call costs by leveraging cost effective call pricing from highly competitive and reliable SIP trunk service providers
  • Extensive features such as instant messaging, call recording, screen sharing and HD video conferencing
  • Full support for Android and iOS mobile devices including user presence, voicemail and messaging etc
  • Seamless integration of all individual offices into a single easy to use company-wide phone system
  • Additional features and enhancements can be enabled quickly without the need of extra costly hardware
  • Highly scalable Virtual PABX services with support for up to thousands of users across hundreds of sites
  • Your VoIP phone system can be deployed in-house or hosted as a fully managed service

Newtrend are authorised resellers and systems integrators of 3CX who are one of the world’s finest IP telephony and unified communications system providers. We ensure that your business receives the right phone system together with the communication features you need at a price-point that fits even the most budget conscious companies. If you’re considering a new business phone system to deliver lower operating costs and greater productivity Newtrend have the right solution.

Contact our professional team now to discuss a customised phone system solution that’s built right for your business.