Managed Services

Newtrend has significant real-world experience in delivering professional IT managed support services to its clients. Newtrend has a large number of corporate clients on a Managed Services Agreement covering the support and maintenance of their IT systems (including management, systems monitoring and reporting) which delivers end-user support to thousands of systems systems. This makes Newtrend a very significant and experienced member as a provider of managed IT services in Western Australia.

The skills and experience we have gained over the years in operating our structured Managed Services business puts us in a strong position to provide the key IT support and management services required by our clients and to back that delivery up with a broad range of skills and a wealth of experience. Feel secure knowing all your crucial data is always backed up, keep up to date with the latest software and know that your infrastructure is being maintained and monitored.

Our Managed Services Agreements give you peace of mind that any issues are resolved, most commonly before you even knew the issue was there! The benefits of being a Managed Services client are more than we can mention. You’ll have control of your IT costs as well as improved performance of your systems.

understanding our managed services

Onboarding process

Newtrend has developed a series of effective on-boarding processes including systems analysis and information acquisition, automated monitoring configuration and initial account management strategies that minimise any potential disruption to your operations and ensure a comprehensive accurate model of your business. Our monitoring, support and project business units utilise this information to build your support and design framework, meaning right from the outset we are able to provide the highest levels of support and guidance tailor-made for your business.
Proactive Monitoring
Our software scans and monitors your system 24 x 7, identifying and resolving issues before they become problems.
Remote Support
Our Team provide full remote support from 6am to 5pm weekdays plus discounted onsite support during business hours.
Proactive Support
Our Managed Services Team provide proactive support alongside proactive monitoring.
Scheduled Maintenance
Maintenance is scheduled for your servers on a consistent schedule to prevent and eliminate problems.
Centralised Management
With our own data centre and local support team, we take care of everything.
Simplified Billing
With our Managed Services Agreement you pay per user per month. Any additional costs are clearly outlined.

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