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Newtrend Cyber Security Services protects your business from advanced cyber-attacks.

No matter what kind of business you operate, if you’re connected to the Internet then you’re at risk of a cyber-attack at some point. Cyber criminals have developed dozens of new ways to exploit vulnerabilities that may exist in your business, from email scams that target employees to malware that gathers sensitive information including usernames and passwords. These attacks are becoming ever more complex and are also carefully planned which greatly increases their effectiveness. So, what can you do to better understand what you’re up against and learn how to protect your business against these types of modern cyber-attacks? The first step is to talk to us!

Newtrend offers a broad range of highly effective information security services, next-generation firewall and real-time event monitoring and reporting systems that combine to provide a proactive and comprehensive security solution to protect your business against all types of cyber threats. Our highly advanced security solutions integrate seamlessly with your business to provide:

  • Advanced risk management solutions that mitigate todays and tomorrows Internet borne security threats
  • Effective protection against all cyber-attacks including viruses, malware and ransomware etc
  • Protection for all users from malicious websites, phishing and dangerous applications
  • Multi-factor authentication solutions which greatly enhances security for business applications and services
  • Next generation gateway anti-spam technology to keep your email systems clear of unwanted junk mail
  • Secure Wi-Fi solutions that properly safeguards your corporate network from intruders
  • Enterprise grade performance and reliability that scales with your business
  • Centralised management with automated monitoring and comprehensive reporting to keep you informed

Newtrend has partnered with the cyber security industry’s best solution providers which enables us to deliver effective IT security services that protect your business from modern cyber-attacks. We’re committed to maximizing the reliability, integrity and efficiency of all your business systems to provide you with the confidence to manage and grow your business in today’s challenging IT environment.

Ready to tighten your company's cybersecurity?