Upgrading the IT Infrastructure for a Not-For-Profit Organisation – Patricia Giles Centre

Client's Challenge

The client’s main goal was to centralise their IT systems and update their current system into the modern technological world. The system was outdated with data spread across several sites with no standard operating environment.

Our Solution

To update and centralise the client’s systems was to implement the project in four phases;

  1. Create a new, robust computer system
  2. Identify and roll out a suitable client management / customer relationship management tool
  3. Rollout new Intranet and Collaboration tools
  4. Replicate the server for the new office

The Project Team installed scalable infrastructure in the Joondalup their office which will allow the client to increase in size as demand requires it. All operations to this environment were then migrated over and centralised.

During the second phase of the project the team rolled out Office 365, bringing all of the Client’s computers in line with a standard operating environment.

The team also provided a more robust, scalable and secure mail environment for the Client.

Finally the team rolled out a secondary environment to the Leederville head office allowing that site to work locally, providing a more user-friendly experience to the Client whilst users operate off the main network.


The project timeline was adjusted to suit the needs of third parties involved with the Project however the Client was very impressed with how the network was set up and deployed despite these adjustments. Since this Project the Client has engaged us regarding other aspects of their technology.

Client Testimonial

“We engaged Newtrend to take over management of our IT services in February 2017. While their costs and understanding of the NFP sector influenced our decision, it was their commitment to respond quickly to staff queries and to 'speak plain English' that made them different. Our staff's varying level of IT literacy did not phase the Newtrend support team. In the face of our many demands they have always been calm, polite and professional. Nicholas Rando's personal engagement with us has value added to the contract. He is willing to provide advice on matters outside the scope of our contract has been impressive and I am grateful for his obvious commitment to help PGC become the best it can.”
Kirsten Shearn
CEO – Patricia Giles Centre